In-Bedding-Sets may be a hodgepodge of the many things, however our lives are usually a hodgepodge of the many things; it’s after we try and compartmentalise, to order everything into our neat and tidy ideas of however life ought to be that we tend to run into our biggest obstacles.

I thought regarding dividing the location into separate sites: parenting, crisis maternity, faith, divorce, abandonment, social group problems, single parenting, the list may prolong infinitely.

But that’s not however we tend to live. Life is supposed to be lived along, as a hodgepodge of things, not showing neatness compartmentalised.

And that is why this web site may be a hodgepodge of all forms of posts, and that I suppose, I hope, I pray that in every of them, you discover God is usually a vicinity of your life too which there’s a little one thing that attracts you nearer to His peace and Love and strength and beauty and natural virtue and goodness.

We cannot compartmentalise life. It doesn’t are available neat very little boxes with ribbons and bows and color coded labels.

Sometimes life is mussy and ugly and shivery and dangerous, however God is usually there for all people – whether or not you recognize Him or not, He is aware of and loves you in each part of your life and all what you are doing, which is why this web site may be a hodgepodge of most things that squares me.

Thank you for connecting with in In-Bedding-Sets.

Your Ministry of Word,
Terry Reynolds